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Bio Active Cells Level 3
“This extremely effective product is formulated with the Bio-Active Cells Complex that contains beneficial antioxidants to restore essential elements that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, granting the skin both tone and vitality. This miraculous complex renews surface cells without irritation, while promoting collagen synthesis for noticeable wrinkle amelioration and soft, silky-smooth skin. The Bio-Active Cells Complex puts the power of beautiful, healthy skin in your hands.
This formulation is very effective in restoring a youthful and healthy radiance to problem and aging skin types. It also aids in smoothing out the skin’s appearance by balancing out its natural pH. This remarkable Bio-Active Cells Skin Reverse complex is a restorative rejuvenator for dry and aging skin types.
This product is effective for a longer period of time; therefore, the beneficial ingredients stay in the skin long after other products fade away. It has multiple therapeutic benefits, as it leaves the skin looking and feeling healthy. Some of the negative changes that occur during the aging process are dry, thin, and wrinkled skin. This formulation fights cutaneous aging and regulates physiological actions in the skin. It also stimulates cellular proliferation as it aids in tissue repair and regeneration.”

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